Smart Lift Solutions is the brainchild of two entrepreneurs, one in shipping and logistics and the other in the glazing industry.  Tim Finley, founder and president of T. FIN Building Solutions, and Joshua Ihlenfeld, owner, and president of TraLo Companies, came together to create Smart Lift Solutions, offering a new solution for glazing contractors anywhere in the United States.

Tim brings more than 20 years in the glass and glazing industry working with industry leaders Viracon and Sage Glass. Tim is also the founder of T.FIN Building Solutions, representing some of the top names in the glazing industry, including Livers Bronze, Graham Architectural  Windows, Sage Glass, Pulp Studio, W&W Glass, and many more.  For more information on T. FIN Building Solutions, visit

TraLo, Inc is a family-owned and operated carrier company.  The company offers transportation solutions to a diverse group of customers and industries, providing carrier services throughout the United States and Canada. The company offers truckload, LTL, and Specialized Logistics.  For more information on TraLo visit

SmartLift Truck


“Architectural glass is getting larger and heavier depending on the application,” explains Tim Finley, Co-Founder of Smart Lift Solutions, LLP. “This requires more manpower using current window placement practices or specialized lifting equipment. Smart Lift Solutions provides safe and affordable, as-needed access to the latest SmartLift® glass robot lifting machines without the capital investment.”

Heavy glass robotic lifting equipment can cost between $40,000 to $60,000 per machine, and for the limited use that some businesses may have for such equipment, it may not be worth the investment, says Finley. However, using robotic equipment for occasional heavy lifting can also be cost-effective in reducing manpower on the job and offers considerable safety benefits for workers. Smart Lift Solutions provides a cost-effective resource for glazing contractors who need glass movers to maneuver large plates of glass or glazing units in exterior building facades or tight interior spaces.

SmartLift® Rentals can range from one day or one week to an extended period of time, depending on Jobsite requirements.   SmartLift® machines are available in multiple sizes with various lifting capacities and reach. In addition, models can be used for specific projects, whether interior or exterior builds for both commercial and residential construction.

SmartLift Truck


Being centrally located in Southern Minnesota, Smart Lift Solutions offers access to a complete inventory of machines. Daily reach for equipment rental and delivery is within a 350-mile radius of Minneapolis but can be delivered to any city throughout the continental U.S. in a matter of days.

While Smart Lift Solutions specialized lifting equipment is easy to operate, the company offers customers in-person or virtual training on proper use to ensure comfort in operating the equipment. In addition, no special license is required to operate the machines.

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