5 Reasons You Should Rent a Glass Manipulator

Jul 1, 2022 | Blog

smartlift glass manipulators for rent

Transporting or manipulating glass panes is generally a bit difficult without proper equipment. If you have a new project coming up that requires significant glass usage, you can now rent a glass manipulator from Smart Lift Solutions, making it easy to transport glass conveniently.

It’s always a wise idea to consider using a manipulator for moving large pieces of glass or oversized windows. If you’re looking for a reliable solution, Smart Lift Solutions has a full range of SmartLift® glass robots that you can rent. There’s always an internal debate with contractors about whether to buy or rent glass moving machinery.

In general, renting a glass mover has some distinct benefits. Here are five reasons why you should consider renting a glass manipulator from a reputable company such as Smart Lift Solutions.

1. The Right Machine for the Right Job

There’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” solution in the construction industry. For instance, for moving larger panes of glass, you’ll require heavier, more powerful glass robots. Some glass manipulators are designed primarily for use indoors, while others perform better in outdoor environments.

For this reason, it is generally better to rent a glass manipulator instead of buying one. Because requirements tend to differ from one project to another, it makes more sense to rent the glass manipulators you require instead of buying different manipulators for different projects.

Smart Lift Solutions has a full range of SmartLift® glass manipulators, including both indoor and outdoor models with varying lifting capabilities.

2. Eliminate Needless Capital Expenditure

Glazing contractors don’t require the glass manipulators on-site for the entire duration of the project. Instead, they only require it for the time that it takes to manipulate and move the glass. Once that’s done, there’s no need for glass robots on the site.

So, why would you want to tie up your capital and make a significant upfront payment, and incur financing costs on top, when you can simply rent a glass manipulator for a fraction of the price?

Since you’re renting, you could effectively recover the full amount from the revenue that you generate from the project, thus improving your cash flow significantly.

3. Eliminate Storage and Maintenance Expenses

When you own assets, you have to make sure you spend money on maintaining them and storing them properly. This means making space in your warehouse for machinery that might be used sporadically. There’s an opportunity cost attached to this: you could generally use that storage space for other equipment.

More importantly, you have to factor in the maintenance expenditure too. It’s always a tough pill to swallow when you aren’t even using the machine regularly, and still have to spend large sums to regularly maintain and service it.

And, on top of it all, there are the monthly lease payments. From an accounting point of view, you will also have to book depreciation for the asset each year. Why go through all the hassle when you can just write it off as an expense?

If you choose to rent SmartLift® glass robots from a company such as Smart Lift Solutions, you just need to make the rental payment, and once your project comes to an end, you don’t have anything else to worry about!

4. Satisfies Any Short-Term Increases in Workload

It’s always better to be prepared. As a glazing contractor, you never know when you might suddenly need to increase your fleet size to cater to the rise in demand. If you don’t have the right equipment available, you’ll have no option but to turn down a potentially lucrative project.

Why lose out on potential revenue? If you suddenly need to increase your fleet size, you can rent different SmartLift® glass robots from us and have them delivered straight to the worksite!

There’s always an element of uncertainty involved in construction projects. That is one of the main reasons why renting is always a better idea. In case you need to increase or decrease your fleet size, you can do so by simply calling the rental company!

5. Reduce Downtime

At Smart Lift Solutions, we make sure that all of our SmartLift® glass robots are properly maintained and ready to tackle any project. We understand just how much our clients stand to lose if equipment malfunctions or needs repairs in the middle of a project.

To reduce downtime, we offer 24/7 support to our patrons and have a maintenance crew to assist our clients with all their needs.

Downtime on the project means you can lose significant amounts of time and money, every day. It results in a cascading effect that eventually causes deadline delays and affects the completion of the entire project. The worst part is that it also erodes goodwill and trust between your clients too.

It seems fairly simple, but the effect that not meeting timelines or delaying a project can have will affect your company’s overall standing and might even impact future projects. If you’re buying your own glass manipulators, there’s always a risk of something going wrong and delaying a project.

When that happens, you’ll have to call a repair crew, potentially wait for parts, or put the project on hold until the machinery is repaired. However, if you’re renting glass manipulators from a company such as Smart Lift Solutions, all it takes is a phone call!

Our highly experienced team of professionals will be down at the site in no time to assist you with any problems you’re facing!

Rent a Glass Manipulator from Smart Life Solutions

Smart Lift Solutions is a startup venture by Tralo Companies and T. Fin Building Solutions. With a full range of SmartLift® glass manipulators in their fleet, they can easily cater to all of your requirements, throughout the United States. Give us a call to discuss your glass manipulator or transportation needs, and rent a glass manipulator today.