Reduce Risk in 2023 with a SmartLift® Glass Manipulator

Dec 14, 2022 | Blog, SmartLift

Reduce Risk in 2023 with a SmartLift Glass Manipulator

Risk. It’s a natural part of the glazing contractor’s job, affecting every aspect, from project bidding to onsite installation and safety. That said, risk can be greatly reduced by embracing one industry innovation – a SmartLift® glass lift.

Glass Lifting Equipment to Maximize Profit

Building materials and labor costs have increased drastically in recent years. Bids awarded often come down to single percentage differences in quotes, but Smart Lift Solutions provides you with a competitive advantage.

Using robotic equipment for heavy lifting can be cost-effective in reducing manpower on the job and offers considerable safety benefits for workers. This frees up your labor resources to bid on more jobs and ensures greater consistency in manpower with less risk of workman compensation claims. However, heavy glass robotic lifting equipment can cost between $40,000 to $60,000 per machine, plus accounting depreciation and regular maintenance costs. To make matters more complicated, the type of SmartLift glass lifter required varies greatly per job.

Smart Lift Solutions was created to save you time and money, giving you all the benefits of a glass mover with none of the financial risks.

Our nationwide rental model provides a cost-effective resource for glazing contractors who need glass movers to maneuver large plates of glass or glazing units in exterior building facades or tight interior spaces. The company provides 24/7 support, taking away any guesswork and ensuring the support of having an expert resource on every job, no matter the size.

SmartLift® glass lifting equipment rentals can range from one day or one week to an extended period of time, depending on job site requirements. This flexibility means you’re always prepared to go after the next job while keeping overhead costs low to better position you to win the bid.

Reducing Workmanship Errors with Glass Lifters

The glazing contractor industry is projected to grow at a rate of 4.9 percent from 2021 to 2031, according to the 2022 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Simultaneously, the labor force is aging out, with the average glazier 40+ and exiting the workforce. This means a lot of new, inexperienced labor and a greater risk for workmanship errors resulting in expensive product damage and/or extra labor time spent fixing issues.

The SmartLift® glass manipulator is the most experienced installer on any job site. These revolutionary glass handling machines lift and position both straight and curved panes precisely, allowing you to place your glass exactly where you need it. Its powerful vacuum seal ensures that the glass will be safely transported to the installation site without damaging the material.

With six models to choose from, Smart Lift Solutions offers both indoor and outdoor SmartLift® machines with a wide range of lifting capabilities.

The most compact indoor model, the SmartLift® 380 Indoor boasts a lifting capacity of over 900 lbs. and side shift capabilities. It easily manipulates medium size pieces of glass into a precise position with the help of a 1.64-ft extension arm, also providing ample room for finishers to work.

Outdoor SmartLift® models are built with specific glass glazing projects in mind. The SmartLift® 1008 Outdoor is the flagship of the SmartLift® line and is designed to lift over 1,800 lbs. With its extra-long reach and lifting height, the 1008 Outdoor is perfect for lifting large, laminated windowpanes with ease. If you need to go even higher, consider the SmartLift® 400 Sky Lifter. It easily connects to any hydraulic lifting machine and features a quick-release adapter. When you need to lift straight or curved materials up to 881 lbs., simply connect your 400 Sky Lifter to your hydraulic crane—it’s just that simple.

Smart Lift models also require only one person to operate, which frees up your skilled labor force for other jobs.

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Smart Lifting to Prevent Injuries

Glazing contractors are at a crossroads. The need for experienced glaziers is at an all-time high, with building designs trending towards minimal framing, featuring large expanses of glass for unobstructed views. But glazing can be a young man’s profession, and experienced professionals are aging out of the industry.

Why? There is no doubt that installing commercial glazing is a physically demanding profession. The Construction Glass and Glazing industry reports high job-related injury rates and the highest rate of back injuries of any construction profession at 97.8 per 10,000 full-time employees (2010). Another study published in the International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology, June 2020 edition, cited those glaziers often had weights in their hands and endured “non-neutral trunk postures” – spending 22 percent of their time with elbows at or above their shoulders and 92.2 percent of their time walking or standing.

Glass manipulators eliminate the need to manually move glass which, in turn, eliminates many of the risks for injuries. Glass manipulators allow experienced glazing contractors to execute flawless installations without safety concerns, including cuts and falling, and make it possible to easily install the glass in both interior and exterior applications.

Having access to a SmartLift® glass mover can accelerate your productivity, reduce injuries and minimize the number of workers needed on the job site.

Rent a Glass Manipulator from Smart Lift Solutions

Smart Lift Solutions is a startup venture by Tralo Companies and T. Fin Building Solutions. With a full range of SmartLift® machines in their fleet, they can easily cater to your project requirements throughout the United States. Call us at 507.676.2561 or email to schedule a time to discuss the benefits of using SmartLift® on your next project.